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10114 SW 107th Ave
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Meet Dr. Carvajal

Irving N. Carvajal, DDS

Dr. Carvajal

Dr. Irving N. Carvajal is Certified by the Florida Board of Dentistry. He has been practicing General Dentistry in Miami for 30 years. He completed his internship at Jackson Memorial Hospital In Affiliation with The University of Miami School of Medicine. Dr. Irving Carvajal has a long lasting affiliation with CEOLA-HELO Dental Association in which he served as president and is currently an honored member of the board of directors.

As an expert restorative dentist, Dr. Carvajal restores teeth in a highly natural and cosmetic way by using the latest in dentistry technologies.

Dr. Carvajal offers expert cosmetic dentistry with the latest dental technology and dedicated patient care.

All cosmetic dentistry procedures are performed at Cute Smile Miami's Fine Dental state-of-the-art offices - conveniently located in Kendall just west of the Miami-Dade Community College.

Dr. Irving Carvajal is dedicated to achieving maximum comfort, minimized pain and ultimate satisfaction with your cosmetic dentistry procedures, while continually monitoring your overall oral health. He also treats periodontal disease, primarily non-surgically, using a combination of low dose doxycycline therapy and a series of deep cleanings. He also uses lasers for no sutures, no pain periodontal therapy. These treatments, when combined with improved patient home care,have proven to be very successful and can often save the patients a trip to the periodontist for further "surgical" interventions.

Dr. Carvajal