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Taking Pride in Achieving Excellence in Dental Health!

Dr. Irving Carvajal and his Dental Team are dedicated to exceeding your expectations, our office is here to assist you in your quest to maintain or rebuild that Smile of a lifetime. Cute Smile Miami offers cosmetic dentistry including crowns, dentures & partials, bleaching, bonding and implants to restore your oral health. Call or visit us today to schedule a consultation at your convenience to discuss the many treatment options available with modern technology.

Dental Bonding / Veneers
The process of bonding, in which a dentist covers a tooth with plastic can treat many different problems. Chips, cracks, stains—all can be corrected by bonding. The process begins by lightly etching your existing tooth enamel with an acid to allow the composite material to adhere to your tooth. For major cracks or chips, a shell can be bonded onto the surface of a tooth. The shell will look just like a natural tooth. Frequently, bonding is not a long term solution, however, veneers offer a more aesthetic result and a more lasting restoration.

Whether your concerns are purely cosmetic or our dentist has recommended that Crowns are necessary to save your teeth, you should know that crowns (caps) can be made to be both beautiful and functional. Certainly, crowns need to be placed on teeth that have had root canals. Often times you just want to be able to have that confident smile and "put a little happiness back in your life". Your smile says a lot about you.

Tooth whitening kits have had a tremendous impact on the American consumer as well as the dental profession over the last year or so. Preliminary results of clinical research to test the effectiveness of these home kits are favorable and effective in lightening the teeth. However, home bleaching has also raised concerns in some quarters about the safety of the popular procedure. New clinical tests conducted at leading universities have provided that the main ingredient in the bleaching kits, carbamide peroxide, has no adverse side effects and that it is not hazardous to human tooth enamel or to the gums. For best results, however, the instructions in the whitening kits recommend monitoring the bleaching process by a dental office or professional.

Complete Dentures
Dentures are constructed of hard plastic or a combination of metal and plastic. They can replace a single missing tooth or all of the natural teeth. Full dentures stay in place by resting on the gums. Fitting a set of dentures usually takes several visits with the dentist. Although dentures look natural and fit well, they will not be as comfortable or function as well as your natural teeth. To minimize denture discomfort, always remove your dentures at night and soak them in water and a cleansing agent. Be sure to regularly clean your dentures and natural teeth as well as cleaning and massaging your gums. Regular dental checkups are essential to maintaining your dentures and your oral health.

Partial Dentures
Partial Dentures contain replacement teeth to fill in the spaces where teeth are missing or will be removed. It is important to fill these spaces not only for cosmetic reasons but also for health reasons. Teeth will move and shift, the bite can be affected, and other teeth can be damaged. Partials are generally metal based and covered with tissue colored plastic in which the teeth are positioned. The teeth used for partial dentures can be made to look quite natural. The fabrication of partial dentures often takes multiple appointments to maximize the proper fit and natural look. Some partials are removable, but usually partials are attached to surrounding teeth. Be sure to regularly clean your partial dentures and natural teeth as well as cleaning and massaging your gums. Regular dental checkups are essential to maintaining your partial dentures and your oral health..

There are 2 different types of denture relines. A hard reline can be done in a dental office with office-cured plastic, or be sent to a dental laboratory and processed in a laboratory-cured plastic. Due to special processing, the lab reline tends to last longer. A soft reline can be done at the office or at a laboratory. Denture relines are necessary to increase retention of old, existing dentures, or new dentures that have lost retention. They are helpful in gum tissue conditioning. This abused gum tissue will return to a proper state of health prior to the fabrication of new dentures.

Dr. Carvajal uses laser dentistry for gum treatment, periodontal work and tooth whitening so you can receive treatment without needles, drills or pain.

Lasers are essentially focused beams of light used to perform precise tasks. Within dentistry, lasers are ideal for detailed, minimally invasive and virtually painless procedures.

Dr. Carvajal will use diode laser to treat your dental needs by applying it to the target area so that the laser energy is absorbed.

Special training is required to operate a Laser for dental purposes. Here at Cute Smile Miami we are certified and focused on providing safe, efficient care to each patient. If you would like to inquire if your procedure can be done with a laser, please speak with Dr. Carvajal at your next appointment.

The benefits of laser dentistry include

• Less discomfort both during and after treatment
• Reduced treatment time
• Preserves healthy teeth while targeting decay
• Protects teeth against further decay
• Reduces need for drilling or needles

Here at Cute Smile Miami, we use the SL3 Laser for procedures involving soft tissues to ensure patient comfort and quick recovery.

The Laser is particularly well suited for treating periodontal disease. Not only can the laser precisely remove diseased tissue, it also kills bacteria, sterilizes the treated area and promotes healing and collagen growth.

Because the laser only targets soft-tissue surrounding teeth, implants and other hard structures are unaffected during the procedure. It is even possible to use lasers with only a topical anesthetic since they are incredibly gentle.

Some procedures that may be performed with a Laser include:

• Clinical crown lengthening
• Soft tissue debridement
• Orthodontic tissue control
• Frenum release
• Biopsies
• Cold sore treatment
• Implant access


Dr. Carvajal and his staff will be happy to answer any questions you have about laser dentistry or any other procedure. Please  Contact this office to schedule your personal consultation.



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